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How It Works

Each chapter has up to 7 parts – opening question, real life, ice cream flavor, theology piece, scripture, prayer, and hymn. Below we have offered a free sample of 3 different sections from 3 different flavors. If you’re interested in placing an order check out all of our flavors.

Vanilla: Flavor

Sometimes the most pleasing things to experience are the simplest. Vanilla is the base/foundation for all flavors. It is simple, authentic, and it has to be done well for the other flavors to taste good. It’s the purest form of ice cream there is. Cream, sugar, and milk cooling on top of ice. It’s short and sweet (literally), but it is the base of everything.

  • What are the simple and sweet things in your life?
  • What’s a simple thing you make or do for or with your family?
  • What’s your favorite way to eat vanilla ice cream? (cup, cone, sprinkles, dipped, syrup, plain…)

Chocolate: Theology

Creation. The dirt. The sky. Things we see. When we talk about creation, it’s important to talk about general revelation. This is when we see God in creation. Special revelation is a theological concept that directly speaks to Christ and his revelation for the world. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the 40 day journey of Lent, preparing us for Holy Week and Easter. Ash Wednesday is the time when general revelation and special revelation come together, remembering that you are dust and to dust you shall return. This is a constant returning to creation because God created out of nothing. Humans come from dirt, out of the ground, adam. Lent starts with a remembrance of our creation and working toward the revelation of the cross. In this work, we strive to grow closer to our Creator, who is loving, creative, Father, Mother, God of Israel. 

  • What is Christ’s revelation for the world? To you, what is the revelation of the cross?
  • Is it easier to speak of general revelation or special revelation? Why? Which do you experience more often?
  • How do you describe our Creator? (This is a good time to talk about father/mother/how you address God)

Strawberry: Real Life

Getting out of the shower and putting on a towel. Sitting around a fire on a cool night/starting a fire and building it up until it’s blazing. Brain freeze and putting your tongue/thumb on the roof of your mouth. Walking around the house in fuzzy socks. Cool breeze on the beach with a sweater on. Eating your favorite ice cream. What do these things have in common? Finding warmth. Comfort. Security. Life. 

  • What brings you warmth?
  • What brings you comfort?
  • What brings you security?
  • What brings you life?

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