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Theology can be sweet!

Trey Wince, mentor

Ridiculously excited about this! I never thought to bring my two favorite things together but you geniuses did and I am so happy!! 🍦🍨

Rev. Audrey Webber, fan

A great conversation starter for Sunday School for all ages, or a bible study! Check it out!

Michelle Wright, lay leader

I love using Ice Cream Theology with my youth! For us, one of the best things about this curriculum is that each lesson has so many different sections. It allows for such great flexibility. One week, I may want to spend a little more time on the theology piece, while another I feel like my group needs to talk more about Real Life. Having several different ways to connect my kids to the faith (and to ice cream!) means this is something that can be “in season” for a long time to come. 

Rev. Margaret Poteet, leader

In reading Colossians 1 and considering the trinity, it struck me how we experience the fullness of God in all of the prepositions – all the things a frog can do on a log. I’d never thought about God that way before!

– Nicolette Mantica, participant

I actually prefer my mint chocolate chip white, not green. Green for the sake of green isn’t the same; it’s just food coloring. Our faith is the same way. Without authenticity, it’s tasteless.

– Mary Grace Ramsay, participant

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